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I think most people really dislike mosquitoes and if you could do something to remove them from your vicinity then you probably would. Here is one possible solution to that problem: the Amplecta AMT 100. 

Since we moved to a house about a year ago I have been looking at different methods of removing mosquitos. There are several options, but most are quite pricey so when I saw this budget mosquito trap I was a bit sceptical, but it I just coulden't resist it and bought one hoping for the best.

Here is my review of it.



First impressions

Right out of the box it seems to have a fairly sturdy build quality. It is mostly plastic but it seems like a pretty decent thickness. I doubt a few bumps or misshaps will do much damage to it. Looking inside it there is a UV Lamp, and a large fan (looks like something that came right out of a computer case, I was a little surprised at this, but whatever works). The netting that is supposed to catch the bugs also seems pretty fine quality, I've read in some places that the smallest bugs can escape this but most things I want to catch aren't that small, and Im sure this could be modified by placing a finer net around the bag if you really want to catch them too.

BigImage BigImage  




The manual is quite thick, but this is basically the only usefull page with instructions. The rest are warnings in various languages.




This was quite easy. There are only 4 things you need to do.

  • Install the mosquito catching net in the body. Really easy, it simply clicks into place.
  • Put the green "smell" cube in the top compartment (this creates a smell that attracts the mosquitoes). Hardest part about this was getting the wrapping plastic off.
  • Find a location to put it. The spot should be around 1 - 1.5 meters of the ground and fairly central in your garden.
  • Plug it in. The extension cord was quite long so it was rather easy to find a decent spot.
BigImage BigImage BigImage



This is really the only thing I or probably anyone else will care about, will it decrease the number of mosquitoes. After installing it last evening it has now been running thought the night, and it has caught quite a few buggs. Ultimatly only time will tell if it will make any real impact, and I will update this post as I test it more, but as you can see from the picture it is catching them with pretty decent success rate.

Here is a picture of the bottom of the net after it had been running for around 12 hours from evening to morning.



One week performance review

The AMT 100 has now been running 24/7 for 1 week and I'm quite happy to say that it seems to be working quite well. There has been a significant decrease in the number of biting bugs in our garden. It does not kill of all bugs but it certainly seems to have removed or at least significantly decreased the ones that bite (and a few others too as you see from the picture below).

This is the contents of the bag after one week. There is a little bit of white cloudy looking stuff which I'm guessing is just pollen or similar, the rest are bugs or parts of bugs. When emptied out on the paper it actually looks like it caught less than it did. This is because most of the bugs that were caught in the beginning of the week fell apart as I emptied the bag. The bugs that were in the photo above (and were caught the first night) pretty much disintegrated as I tried to get them out. So everything on that paper that isen't the white cloudy stuff is a part of a bug. Most of which are of the biting kind.




After using the catcher for a week I can only think of two real downside to it.

  1. There is a slight smell. The green case you put in the top of the catcher has a slight smell to it. On a calm day I can smell it from 10 or so meters away. This will however vary from person to person. My wife cannot smell it at all even when standing next to it. The smell is not bad or strong, it's just a very faint hint of an odd smell I cannot quite place. It does not bother me at all I just sometimes notice it, most any other smell will be strong enough to cover it up, and to add some sort of reference point, all smokers annoy me from a distance of 50 meters or more and I can usually smell them before I see them. 

  2. Running costs. This is not so much of a downside as just something you need to know. Besides electricity you need to replace the green smell cube every 8 weeks. It's not expensive and it's not hard, but you still have to remember to do it and to order them online in time as I have not found any stores (near me atleast) that carry them.



If you have a bigger yard or a severe mosquito problem I don't think this thing is powerfull enough. The more expensive machines also emit carbon dioxide as a way of catching bugs and I would think this would increase the effectiveness even more. Machines that do emit carbon dioxide are available for around 4.5x the money, and if I had a bigger yard or more mosquitoes I think that would be a better buy.

But I do recommend this machine if you have a small garden (around or less than 1000 m²). For our garden of 980 m² it has definitly removed alot of the bugs and I would buy the machine again.