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I bought a Samsung Smartthings home automation hub a while back (link). Since then I have added several lights to the setup. The smartthings hub is compatible with many different types of lights and as of recent IKEA got themselves into the market and literally turned it upside down in matters of price.

Up untill a few months ago the best light you could get was a Philips Hue and those things cost 3-4x more than the equivalent IKEA Trådfri light bulb.

The best thing about the Trådfri bulbs is that they can connect directly to the Smart things hub. No other hardware required. So for less than 10 USD you can get a dimmable smart light compatible with the best hub on the market (right now). And if you want to be able to set the color temperature IKEA has you covered there too. For 15USD you can get a dimmable bulb with custom color temperature. Setting them up can however be a bit tricky. It's easier with the 1000lm light bulbs but not much hard for the color temperature bulbs either, you just need to add a handler for them before you proceeed (see end of post).


 To set up (or pair) the 1000lm bulbs with your hub do the following.

  1. Set your hub to start discovering "Things" in the app.

  2. Connect the light bulb to a socket and hold it against the hub (yes touching it).

  3. Next comes the tricky part. You have to blink the bulb in a special rythm.
    • To get the bulb into pairing mode you need to turn it on and off 6 times in a row.
    • You must also keep to a rythm of on for .5 seconds and off for 1 second. It won't be discovered if you don't do it this way.
    • Go to fast or to slow and nothing happens. I know because I spent several hours trying to pair them before finding this thread explaining it. 
    • When it works the bulb should make a very fast blink after its turned on the 6th time (more like a slight dimming).

  4. Once they are discovered they will be listed as "Thing" in the app when you are discovering devices. When you see it in the app, give it a name, and Add it.

  5. The hub does not know it's a light bulb yet. To change this you need to load up the SmartThings IDE, located HERE.

  6. Once logged in go to you devices list. If you don't see any devices try clicking on "My locations" and select your hub (it should be listed there). Sometimes devices won't be shown untill you do this (I think it's a bug).

  7. Click on your newly added Thing (should be called what ever you named it), and select Edit at the bottom.

  8. Now pick "Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb". It should look something like the picture below (with different IDs and names).

  9. That's it you should now be able to use the Trådfri 1000lm 12.5w E27 led bulb from the phone app.


If you wan't to add the bulbs with custom color temperature you must first add the Custom Device handled for them from here. Once that is done you do exactly as for the 1000lm bulbs with the one difference that you select the custom device handler "IKEA-Tradfri" in the "Type" field instead of "Zigbee White Color Temperature Bulb".



As of now I have replaced all my outdoor lights with the 1000lm lights and made them turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset. I have also connected around 10 of the color temperature bulbs indoors and set them to turn on in the morning before I get up.

It works beautifully.